Ultimate Fighter May 5, 2010

Well it’s 5 de Mayo, and Tito is not celebrating his heritage- no tequila…just lots of sweat and tears for his team… While I can appreciate that he wants to push his team, must he break them down? Yes, we’re waiting for you to build them up- but honestly, how much can the human body take! I’m all about him being intense, but I kind of feel like Chuck is the better coach, person, motivator, example, competitor, etc. (Dancer?)
In the midst of all of ┬áTito’s personal drama, one has to question whether he is actually going to be facing Chuck at the end of this long and drawn out reality show….I guess it all depends how much is willing to pay to shut Jenna’s mouth. (Girlfriend, if you’re saying you are abused, why are you taking this lightly! If it’s true, you better tell somebody!)
Either way, I am excited because there is something about the thought of seeing Tito in the octogan against a REAL MAN that keeps me watching. Tito, you’re a brother, but Chuck’s the (real) man.

Ok Tito, your team won this one…but we all know that this decision didn’t make sense. You got a freebie….run with it, enjoy it, cherish it…because next week, we’ll see if you’re going to have blind judges next week.

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